10 Surprising Female Celebrity Smokers

If you’ve ever smoked then you know how hard it is to quit so maybe that is the reason why we were able to put together this list of 10 surprising female celebrity smokers. Some people say that smoking makes you look glamourous and cool but we all know how dangerous it is to your health. That is one reason we are sure you will be blown away when you see some of the female celebrities who have been photographed with a smoke in their mouth.

10.Mila Kunis

It’s a little hard to picture Mila Kunis smoking cigarettes because she barely looks old enough to buy the cigs let alone smoke them. Even though she got famous smoking something completely different in her role as Jackie on the television show That 70’s Show we were able to grab this picture of Mila Kunis on the street enjoying a drink and a smoke. We hope she’s quit since she now has a kid with her husband Ashton Kutcher.

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Mila Kunis
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