10 Stars Who Were Rich Before They Got Famous

Becoming a star comes with lots of great perks.  You get fame, free swag, access to exclusive parties and clubs, the best clothing and of course plenty of cold hard cash.  But not every celebrity makes their money from being an actor or musician.  Some celebrities were already rich long before anyone ever knew who they were.  We’ve got a list of 10 celebrities who were rich before they were famous.  We bet you will be pretty surprised by several of the names that appear.  Keep reading and see for yourself.


16. Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is one of the most respected newsmen in the business.  You may not know that he also interned for the CIA.  He also started the Channel One news station which gets played every day in many schools.  But what you probably didn’t know is that Anderson is the grandson of Gloria Vanderbilt so he grew up with piles of cash all around him.  Anderson Cooper is worth an astonishing $100 million dollars.  That’s some serious cheddar!

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Anderson Cooper
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