11 Richest Football Players of All Time

Becoming an elite athlete is not an easy thing to accomplish. There are only a few spots on professional rosters and millions of people competing for the job. If you happen to work hard enough and become one of the lucky few that reaches the professional level you can become not only famous and popular but if you become elite enough you can become extremely rich! Get ready for our list of the 10 richest football players of all time. The amount of money that these guys made during their careers is truly amazing.

12. Vincent Jackson – $50M

Starting off our list of the 12 richest football players is Vincent Jackson. He has already put together quite a career, entering his 12th season in the league. It was hardly a surprise when the Buccaneers gave him a five-year deal back in 2012, worth over 50 million dollars.

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vincent jackson

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