10 Photos of Makeup-less Celebrities

Most celebrities would never consider letting the general public see them looking anything but their best.  After all in Hollywood image is everything.  But sometimes the unthinkable happens and someone who normally looks gorgeous gets busted with their true face on out in the light of day.  Sometimes these celebs look fine just like us ‘normal’ people but once in a while you find something shocking that makes you say, “what happened to that person and why do they look so terrible?”  We were able to pull together 10 photos of some of your favorite celebrities who got caught without their makeup on.  Be prepare because some of these are pretty scary.

10.Jennifer Lawrence

Over the last few years Jennifer Lawrence has become one of the biggest female stars in the world.  Thanks to roles in the hugely popular and very successful Hunger Games movies Jennifer’s career has blasted into the stratosphere and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime in the near future.  Part of the reason that Jennifer is so popular is because of her beautiful face.  But when you take off all of the makeup and see her in the natural light she looks pretty good too.  Take a look at Jennifer in the picture below where she isn’t wearing any makeup.

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Jennifer Lawrence
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