10 Outfits Women Over 30 Should Get Rid Of

When we turn 30 things begin to change in our lives. We should have most of the partying and crazy behavior out of our system and are hopefully on our way to starting the ‘adult’ phase of our life. We aren’t saying that life needs to be boring and bland once you reach the age of 30 however, there are a few things in our closet that we need to throw out immediately. As you read through our list of 10 things women over 30 should get rid of take note and head to your closet to start cleaning it out.

1. Platform flip-flops

Flip-flops are comfortable to wear and if you live in Florida you can rock a nice pair of flip-flops just about all year long. But if you are going out on the town we better not catch you wearing a pair of platform flip-flops. Nothing says cheesy like putting on a pair of platform flip-flops so if this is what you have on your feet it’s time to get some big girl shoes and leave the platforms at home.

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Platform flip-flops

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