10 Models Who Use Their “Flaw” As A Strength

There are a very small number of people who have the combination of looks, style and swag to make it in the world of modeling.  It’s even harder to do when you have what is perceived by the public as a ‘flaw’.  But every so often someone comes along who turns their flaw into a strength and rises to the top of the modeling world.  We’ve got 10 models who managed to overcome the odds and their flaws to find success.

1.Kristy Hinze

Do you even see a flaw when you look at Australian supermodel Kristy Hinze?  We don’t but many criticize her for her nose.  This has always been something that critics have pointed out going back to her first break in Australian Vogue when she was only 14 years old.  Obviously the nose issue wasn’t that big of a deal because Kristy continues to work, model and host television shows.  It feels like society sets such high standards when you say that a gorgeous woman like this has a big nose.  Feels kind of wrong doesn’t it?

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Kristy Hinze
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