10 Hollywood Marriages That Have Lasted 25 Years Or More

In the real world nearly one out of every two couples that get married end up getting divorced.  Some make it a few months or a few years but inevitably almost half of them end up battling it out in divorce court.  That isn’t always the case though as some couples are meant to be together and make things work forever.  We’ve found 10 Hollywood couples who chose the right partner and have remained married for 25 years or more.  Get ready to be blown away at the longevity of some of the couples on this cool list.

10.Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson

Samuel L. Jackson has the reputation for being one of the best and most respected actors around.  He stars in big movies that make big money for the studios that produce him.  Sam isn’t only successful in the movies though.  He’s had tremendous success in his personal life as well which is made clear by the fact that he and his wife LaTonya, who is a sports channel producer, have been happily married for 35 years.

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Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson
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