10 Celebrities Whose Kids Are Their Mini-Me

You see it all the time. You make a friend and then eventually meet their mom or dad and can immediately see the family resemblance. It’s pretty cool when you see normal people who look exactly like one of their parent’s right? Today we’ve got a great list of 10 Celebrities Whose Kids Are Their Mini-Me. We imagine that they turn a lot of heads when they are walking down the street together. If the child is old enough they may even be able to pass for their famous parent when they go out on the town. Your mind will be blown when you get a look at some of these mini-me’s on our list.

1 Katie and Suri Holmes

We’re so glad that Suri got her mom’s stunning looks and not her dad, Tom Cruise crazy personality. Katie and Suri make one of the cutest mother daughter celebrity families we’ve seen in a while. You will probably see Suri breaking hearts of many young men in the years to come. The best part is that Katie Holmes is known for her classy and cool sense of fashion so that’s another bonus when Suri gets a bit older. They can share each other’s clothes.

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Katie and Suri Holmes
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